The Girl is Still Here

An original song cycle by Gayle Leslie Bluemel and DeVorah Ross Johnsen


LA Premiere (February-March, 2015)
Dorie Theatre at THE COMPLEX, Hollywood
Directed by Emily Clark
Music Direction by Gayle Leslie Bluemel
Stage Managed by Cody Clark
Starring: Lucas Alifano, Gayle Leslie Bluemel, Emily Clark, Quinn Gearheart, DeVorah Ross Johnsen, Jenny Martin, Katrina Rennells, Danielle Wallius 

“Picture Carole King and Joni Mitchell as a songstress/poetess duet; first in middle school, followed by womanhood, then into sage and wise goddesshood, throw in a slight flavor of Dixieland Jazz and you’ve got, The Unknown Artists’ Production of The Girl is Still Here.  This self proclaimed Song Cycle penned and composed by DeVorah Ross Johnsen and Gayle Leslie Bluemel follows the two women’s lives under the character names Debe and Gayle through their youth to their womanhood, through their trials, tribulations, loves, break-ups, and ultimate co-creativity as a metaphor for the glue that holds their relationship together….With varying talents playing all three ages of women/girls casting is impressive, skill-wise, in terms of musicianship, and pertaining to resemblance in all manner of genetic viability.” – Jennifer K. Hugus, The Los Angeles Beat

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